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I don see why Britain should apologise for something that happened in 1919 The people who were responsible are now most likely dead By saying meaningless words will not changed what happened I think Britain has showed that they feel shamed by what previous generations had done most have admitted mistakes their ancestors had made I think the fact that the prime minister David Cameron paid his respects to the Amritsar victims should be satisfactory enough because really the fact that he respects the sacrifices Indians had made is in my opinion the only thing that can be done now
By - Danielle from Australia

Apologise is not the solution cannot give live back to those people who died that was a sad day in indian historyStrict punishment should have been given to Britishers
By - anuj from India

Apologise is not the solution. cannot give live back to those people who died. that was a sad day in indian history..Strict punishment should have been given to Britishers..
By - anuj from India

Apologies can never bring the Dead man apologies cant help the poor families which lost their Family MembersThis is a really shame for Britishers
By - Rajeeta from India

I am so happy that there is a Jallianwala Bagh website like this where I can vote yes the must! I tell everyone I know that is Punjabi to vote yes they must!
By - from Canada

I was so offended when I learned about this is my grade 11 Punjabi class . I started to hate Dwyer . How could he just do that! It's okay for the government to kill civilians but when civilians kill .... It's a crime . How dare he just kill thousands of our people like that including children?! Does he have no heart? I was very proud of Udham Singh! Good for him! I am on his side and the British Government has to apologize for their ungodly sins ! I personally would love to hear an apology from the British government!
By - Gurdeep from Canada

these type of incidents happened more in India but biggest massacre was JallianwalahBagh which came out they should feel guilty
By - Raam from India

By - Raeev from INDIA

I am not proud of my British ancestry At all Saying sorry won do much to help the families of people during the massacre but at least it will show that England can take responsibility to admit their mistakes Though we know that will never happen Because if England says sorry to India every other country will demand an apology Poor British PM Not
By - Stephanie from New Zealand

sab accha he
By - rudresh kumawat from indore

a bit off the topicwhy apology only for Jalianwala Baghwhat about more Sikhs over 1000 killed in 1984 anti Sikh riots in Delhisince this is related to Punjab or Sikhswho should apologies for that? Dyer was a british atleast in 1984 all those were Indiansanything ab
By - Umesh from India

jallianwala bhag masscare was unfforgotable in 1919 igive salute to those people who sacriefies there life for country jai hind
By - nakul sethi from india

jiy bharat
By - kishor kumar from u.p.

Words cannot change the horror of the event at Amritsar but they may hopefully go some way to express the sorrow of all right-minded people and the hope that such atrocities never happen again.
By - Steven Halvey from Wales UK

The British should do more than formally apologize, must pay in kind, set up scholarships and provide funds for development of India and Panjab.
By - CYRUS from USA

The British should do more than for apologize, must pay in kind, set up scholarships and provide funds for development of India and Panjab
By - CYRUS from USA

It is moral duty. It is widely contemned by the world.
By - Nikunj from U.K

What happened in the past was the way things were in them days,although harsh no one knew any better,what we are and have today is because of our history,we also took many good things to india ie: civilization

like all colonial powers the UK has committed acts which are disgraceful by any civilised standards. I, and people alive today do not bare any responsibilty for the actions of our fore fathers. However as one people on a small planet we should learn by the mistakes and allow peace and harmony to be put in place of anger and hatred. otherwise we get stuck in the rut of history forever.
By - Nigel Dedman from UK

British people in general are corrupt and violent. There are many Indians and other foreigners regularly beaten by English criminal gangs just for fun. Most police constables in UK don't bother doing anything if some English guys assault or kill Indians and other dark skinned people. What happened at Jallianwalla Bagh is nothing compared to the current violence against Indian citizens in UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Russia and a few other Eastern European countries. But most Indian students still want to go to England and Indian businessmen still want to do business there. Indians should boycott UK in every sense. All British companies making money in India must be kicked out. Think of Vodafone, Unilever, HSBC, Standard Chartered, all life insurance companies and at least 100 other British companies must be kicked out of India. Let us hit the British in their pockets. Indians still buy British products ... ( whiskey and other alcoholic drinks ) and the British are benefiting from us every year by a least 50 billion dollars. Let us not get an apology. Let us kick the British out of our country from everything they do in India. We should buy Products from other countries such as France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Brazil etc. we must be smart to damage the British economy and weaken them as much as we can. Together we can do it.
By - Sanjay from India

Not only must they apologise. They must pay reparations!
By - Jupiter Punungwe from South Africa

Not only must they apologise. They must pay reparations!
By - Jupiter Punungwe from South Africa

they must apologize to us compulsorily because it caused thousands of dead to indians.
By - Ishu from india

Yes,They must.
By - Bhanudas from India

By - ajit from india

By - ajit from india

bratin shd certainly appologizee for ter creep act
By - sara from oman

I think British government of now shouldn't apologize because as of now, there is peace between both of them. Why should they apologize for something their ancestors did? :S :/
By - Rakhshanda from UAE

Britsh was very emotional at that time.Especially they did not make justic to the Muslims.
By - Syed Ali Hasnain from PAKISTAN

i think yes
By - vyshnavi from india

It does not matter how long it takes for the British Goverment to apoloogise and compenstae the families of those who were KILLED !! The point to note is that the British have never meant good to other people. They are just self centred and big headed. Further more why was Udham Singh hanged? Just for witnessing the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? Shame on them. Udham Singh joined the long list of martys.
By - KJames from Kenya

army should have conducted courtmartial and general reh dyer should have punished with hanging until death
By - n ramakrishna rao from india

Yes, they must do it because they call themselves as custodians of human rights so how can they ignore such unhuman aciton, moreover they must consider if those people wanted violence they would not have brought women and children
By - Erum Fatima from Pakistan

Yes the must, To kill these many lives they have to apologise. Heartless britishers
By - Kavitha from India

Apologise won't give anything for our civilians. We can build one memorial hall in British and salute our freedom fighter.
By - Ranjith from India

please give the detailed list of the British Army soldiers (Indian and Bristish) who killed their own brothers in Jalianwala Hagh. let us together condemn these soldiers who, in the name of obeying orders, killed our brothers and sisters. it will never be too late to do so. Please make this list Public.
By - acharyashrikrishna from india

By - from

By - from

really feel dumped to think of past jallian wala bagh incident, really 100% against humanity. about apology, i must say queen should appologize for her ancestors, but, why only queen, why not our ancestors who shoots their own Indian Brothers and had totally different opinions against our myrtres like Bhagat singh etc. ours Indians too cirminals who were informers. the britishers were only Rulers but the hands with guns were of our own indians. who inform about Chandershekhar azaad to police ? who dares to give statement against our Bhagat Singh ? Who killed Jatin Das ? so many sides are being left to discuss sir.
By - parveen kumar from india

By - Avtar Sidhu from canada

a great patriot is that who respect the other patiotic moves of that contrymen jallainwala bagh incident is the patriotic move of indian community so she must ?
By - navneet from india

my thoughts are: aapology must take place-whenever it does- on the very place where the masacre took place!
By - j.s.dhaliwal from canada

kisi beksur nu maar k sorry mangn da koi laabh nhi , han ye us time oh maafi mang lendi ta kuch frk c,inne begunahan nu goliaan maar k mot de ghaat utarn wale desh da sda lyi bycot krna chahida hai...bhaarat mata ki jai...
By - anil vashisht from bhaarat

British are born bastards, the queen should apologize, but as we all know, they are atleast thousand years behind us in civilization. So what is ethically logical for Indians today, the bastard brits will get sense of it god know when.
By - Vipin Patil from UAE

It doesn matter today actually je ohna di ajj di generation apology kar vi lave ta vi koi fark nai pavega eh gall os vele matter karni c je os time di queen maafi mang ke India nu jaldi freedom den layi raaji ho jaandi Ajj kal ta assi India de lokk aap apni garib janta nu maar rahe aa te koi v person os di apology nai karda je koi politic party kise movement nu dabaa dendi hai ta apology nai kardi je koi politician scam karda hai ta oh apology nai karda te je koi person es corruption ton tang aa ke kise politician de thappad maar deve ta news channel vaale rolaa pa dinde ne par je kise politician de relative da million dollor black money swiss bank vich paye hon di khabar hove ta os layi koi news channel nai bolda Hun tusi eh dasso ke assi kis Base te keh sakde aa ke Queen nu saade kolo maafi mangni chahidi hai ?????????
By - Harsh from INDIA

the Jallianwala Bagh massacreis the scar on the image of British who claims that no Indian was punished without proper trial during british regime Jallianwala Bagh massacre thousands of innocent were killed without in fault on their part it is the responsibility of the British Govt to take the responsibility of the massacre and pass the resolution in parliament and Queen being head of the Country Must seek apologize for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre
By - Harpal Singh Sirohi from India

Not even a thousand apologies can reverse the damage done to Sikhs on that day
By - Pardeep Johal from Canada

jhalinwala bagh main british governmentny buhtzu jo nahatay hiindostanion par firing ki mian gujranwala pakistan se ehtataj karta hoon
By - toqeer from pakistan

zaalamaan de zulm di akheer hoe thhaa engrezaan ne hundostanian te barray zulm kitay ehnaan di moafi mangni chahi di ae thind sahb tusii great o jehrray ke zalim noon dasia ae ke toon zalim allah tawanoon hoor himat deway
By - ASGHAR from pakistan

Yes, She has to apologize for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Queen Victoria is a queen of India that time. She never apologize for this massacre. I am very thankful to Mr Kamaljit Singh Thind to start this website. Mr Thind gave us a Opportunity to express our views.We are with you Mr Thind.
By - Rajdeep singh from Canada

Yes She has to apologize for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre Queen Victoria is a queen of India that time She never apologize for this massacre I am very thankful to Mr Kamaljit Singh Thind to start this website Mr Thind gave us a Opportunity to express our views We are with you Mr Thind
By - Rajdeep singh from Canada

zulm di akheer engrez ne akheer keeti jehrray oos welay oos baagh wech san saray nahathay san je kar pata honda ke ea zulm hona ae te tyari kar aonday firr wennday wadian chalakaan di chalaki ess zullm di ohna sory akhni chahi di ae main aik socal wokar te sports man haan menoon mazloomaan de dard da khyal hia je tussi punjabi culture dian puranian khiadaan wekhnia nay te youtube chanal gujranwalasports wekho ya facebook te asghar pehlwan rehmani
By - asghar pehlwan from pakistan

eh site chaloun wale sare he sahibana nu mera walo sat siri akal jehda uprala tusi eh suru kita oho bahut hi wadhia hai par main ini gal hath jod ke kahina chunda ha ki jo tasdad 1984 vich sikha te kita gaya os di mafi koun mangu ga ji
By - satbeer singh sains from {punjab} India

eh kam asani nal ni hona sheed sardar udham singh varge kisi surme nu hi england jana paina hai 22 ji
By - Ram singh from {punjab} india


goorian noon apnay zulm di moafi mangni chahi di ae ohnaan kion be qasoor lookaan te zulm ketay
By - asghar rehmani from pakistan

Queen shows the arrogance of British that they are superior to other nations It has been so many years and so much wealth including Kohinoor is looted from India Still British do not appologise and do not return the wealth of Indian subcontinent I strongly believe that Canada should stop accepting Queen as its constitutional head Did Canadian Govt took permission of first nations to make Queen as its head It is time for Canada to have a referendum and have freedom from British yoke It is also time that common wealth countries change their organisation name to some other name as name CommonWealth means they are still the wealth of British People should wake up as still there is no freedom for people
By - Jatinder from Canada

angrezaan ne saday utay baday zulm kitay sab toon wada zullm jallianwala bagh wich keeta be gunah hindostanian noon shaheed keeta ohnaan ne aj tak iss cheez di maafi kion nea mangi ohnaan noon maafi mangni chahi di ae main aik social workar aan te meno changi tarahn pata ae be qasoor lookaan naal zulm karna chnga nae baritsh govermment murda baad
By - asghar pehlwan from pakistan

It was a saddening tragedy Brutal it was Unmanly act of the British Government Though we are in a friendly treaty but still families friends relatives colleagues haven forgotten the incident They are still angry on what happened that fateful day Decadents of the rulers should come forward and recognize those and apologize <i>| edit by admin</i>
By - Vivek Sharma from Canada

Yes she must apologise for this massacre They were innocent and non-violent people No one has been punished for this massacre <i>| edit by admin</i>
By - Pardeep Singh from Canada

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